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Prosperous Mulled Wine Asian Flavors 香料红酒包亚洲风味

Prosperous Mulled Wine Asian Flavors 香料红酒包亚洲风味

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Innovative flavours while embracing homegrown herbs. Every sip is filled with love, warmth and joy.

Mulled Wine Asian Flavors
Ingredients: Sugar, Orange, Cacao Husk Tea, Osmanthus, Lemongrass.



How to Use / 使用步骤
1. Add 500ml red wine and ingredients to a pan.
 500 毫升红酒和配料放入锅中。

2. Cook with low heat for 4-5 mins (70º) . DO NOT  bring to boil.

3. Cover and simmer for 5 minutes. Filter contents and serve.