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Door Gift 客制化礼品

  • Customized Gift Set 活动客制化

    A healthy and sincere gift box made for celebrations and festivities. This includes our 6 exclusive blends that are specially made for the event.     
  • 朋友的婚。礼 | Wedding Door Gift

    Harateas x Wedding Dinner at DICC  People have begun to focus on the practicality of the wedding door gift. We hope that guests will be willing to...
  • SIBU婚礼的祝福 | 私人订制

    Congratulations! Thanks for supporting us ! A wedding 👰 gift for all the bride-mate 😘. Happy wedding 👰🤵🏻. 新婚快乐!一份心意,给婚礼上倾力帮忙的姐妹们.她说要谢谢姐妹们也希望她们幸福快乐,...