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Collection: Rice Tea【 有米气 】

Digestion is crucial to overall health. If your digestion isn’t working, then the rest of your body can slowly start to fall apart: Your sleep will become poor, you'll lack energy, your bowel movements will change, your skin will be affected, and much more.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the most important organs are the liver, spleen, and stomach. The liver can affect your digestion due to stress, and the liver will affect either the spleen or the stomach. If the liver affects the spleen, you may see symptoms such as irritability, abdominal distention, and pain; you may be hungry but get full only after a few bites of food or thirsty but have no desire to drink; there may be alternating constipation and diarrhea and a lot of gas—to name just a few symptoms. If the liver affects the stomach, you might see more upper-digestive issues such as acid reflux, hiccups, belching, nausea, and vomiting, and you may retain food in your stomach for a longer period of time and have distention in you upper abdomen, and more.

From farmer to table, 100% natural ingredient and taste.


消化功能对整体的健康是至关重要。 如果你的消化系统不起作用,那么你身体的其他部分可能会慢慢开始被影响,例如:你的睡眠素质会变得很差,你会缺乏能量,排便变差,你的皮肤会受到影响,等等。

中医记载,人体最重要的器官是肝脏,脾脏和胃。 肝脏会因压力而影响你的消化系统,肝脏会影响脾脏或胃。如果肝脏影响了脾脏,您可能会出现烦躁,腹胀和疼痛等症状; 也可能会感到饥饿,但只能吃几口食物。 如果肝脏影响胃,你可能会看到更多的消化问题,如胃酸反流,打嗝,恶心和呕吐,你可能会在胃里保留更长时间的食物,并在你的上腹部膨胀 , 和更多。




From farmer to table, 100% natural ingredient and taste.

从田野到餐桌,100% 天然,自然的味道







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