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Moon Cake Gift Set 2021 中秋月饼礼盒 (Package A)
Moon Cake Gift Set 2021 中秋月饼礼盒 (Package A)

Moon Cake Gift Set 2021 中秋月饼礼盒 (Package A)

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Last order by 13 September 2021 for Klang Valley ONLY 



Package included  : 

Fruit Tea 水果茶
1. Hibiscus + Dried Orange + Dried Apple 洛神花+橙干+苹果干 x 1
2. Dried Apple + Dried Lemon + mint 苹果干+柠檬干+薄荷 x 1
3. Dragon Fruit + Kiwi + Dried Lemon 火龙果+猕猴桃(奇异果)+柠檬干 x 1
4. Dried Apple + Dried Pineapple + Dried Orange + Dried lemon 苹果干+菠萝干+橙干+柠檬干 x 1
5. Dried Lemon + Dried Pineapple + Dragon Dragon Fruit 柠檬干+菠萝干+火龙果 x 1

Mooncake  月饼
6. Rainbow Mooncake 酥皮彩虹月饼 single
 yolk 蛋黄 x 4 (Pandan flavor 香兰叶口味)



Freshly Baked After Order Received  下单后新鲜出炉

Consume within 7 days for the best taste.

Store at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight . keep in chiller if not consume within 7 days , to prolong the shelf life up to 10 days .


Reheat Guide :

Place in preheated oven at 170°C for 1-2 minutes before serving.