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Morning Charm 晨曦魅力 【元气早安暖胃花草茶系列】( 5packs )
Morning Charm 晨曦魅力 【元气早安暖胃花草茶系列】( 5packs )
Morning Charm 晨曦魅力 【元气早安暖胃花草茶系列】( 5packs )
Morning Charm 晨曦魅力 【元气早安暖胃花草茶系列】( 5packs )

Morning Charm 晨曦魅力 【元气早安暖胃花草茶系列】( 5packs )

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Wake up in the morning, our body is so dehydrated and at the same time is hunger for energy to face the long day ahead. After drinking a cup of plain water to restart the digestive system, it is best to have a cup of mixed herbs tea together with breakfast. In addition to warming the stomach and stimulating the appetite, our herb teas are carefully mixed to provide various benefits to our body. Besides, the refreshing aroma will make feel refresh and energetic in the morning. 


一早醒来,我们喝水以确保身体有充足的水分,同时也要有足够的元气去面对一天的挑战。 喝一杯清水重新启动消化系统后,喝一杯混合药草的花草茶。 除了温暖胃和刺激食欲外,我们的草药茶经过精心混合,为我们的身体提供各种益处。 此外,清爽的香气将使早晨感觉清新和精力充沛。 

Harateas offers three types of blended herb tea for the morning session.


 Aroma Vitality Tea 活力香葉茶
  •  Ingredients: Lemongrass, Pandan Leaf, Red Date, Natural Cane Sugar  香茅 香蘭葉 紅棗 蔗糖
  • Benefits: relief rheumatism, reduce body heat, encourage blood-making, boost the immune system.  治風濕 降肝火 補血 增強免疫系統
Warmth Aroma Tea 暖身香葉茶
  • Ingredients: Lemongrass, Pandan Leaf, Bentong Ginger, Natural Cane Sugar 香茅 香蘭葉 文冬姜 蔗糖
  • Benefits: warm the body, relief rheumatism, reduce uric acid, boost the immune system 驅寒 治風濕 降尿酸 增強免疫系統
  Warmth Vitality Tea 暖身活力茶
  • Ingredients: Bentong Ginger, Red Date, Goji Berry, Natural Cane Sugar 
    文冬姜 紅棗 枸杞 蔗糖

  • Benefits: warm the body, encourage blood-making, Increased testosterone, eyes protection. 

    驅寒 養血 益精 明目