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Cacao Husk Tea 可可壳茶
Cacao Husk Tea 可可壳茶
Cacao Husk Tea 可可壳茶

Cacao Husk Tea 可可壳茶

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今天让我给大家分享可以喝上与可可一样的营养却没有可可的大热量的全新饮品- 可可壳茶





由于可可壳茶含有可可碱,跟咖啡一样有提神兴奋作用, 但却不含咖啡因 。未來想提神不只有咖啡一种选择,也可以喝可可壳茶。



Cacao husk tea is made from the fibrous outer shells of cacao beans, and when add in water, they created a tisane that tastes very similar to chocolate. Aside from the health benefits the tea is believed to have, cacao husk tea is also environmentally friendly.

Just imaging cacao husk tea as a rich, dark hot chocolate with no sugar, no dairy, no gluten and almost no calories. Out of all the ways to taste chocolate, drinking cacao husk tea is easily the healthiest.

 Benefit of Cacao Husks Tea

1. Rich in nutrients as beans
As a cacao bean by-product, the husks contain similar nutrients to the beans, such as B vitamins, vitamin A, iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium.

2. Great for diabetics
Cacao husk tea contains no sugar or additives, and will not affect blood sugar levels.

3. Packed with antioxidants
Cacao husk tea is full of antioxidants, which are thought to reduce damage caused by free radicals and inflammation.  

4. It can boost your mood
Cacao husk tea contains theobromine, which is a naturally occurring compound found in cacao plants and tea leaves. It’s a slow release stimulant that provides a gentle pick-me-up without the harsh crash you get from caffeine

5. Low in calories
As cacao husk tea is free from sugar, gluten and additives, it’s naturally low in calories.

6. Caffeine Fee