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Who we are ?

"I hope to have a good life" is the hope of many people.

My name is Kinson and I used to be an advertising designer. Because of the daily workload, pressure ,poor living and eating habits, my body started to has problems.

Due to the health condition, I have spent a year to slow down my working life and focus on healthy living by eating healthily and live freely. When i first tried a cup of cocoa husk tea handed over from the local farmer, the drink is full of chocolate aroma, it is satisfying my taste buds to the max. I chatted with him while enjoying cocoa shell tea. We become best friend and have spent more time with him and he also shared a lot of farming technique to us. After meeting more local farmer and listen to their farming journey, we notice that Malaysia has a very rich variety of flowers and plants, but it is not known. The hard work of natural planting, the crushing of intermediary prices, and the lack of marketing concepts have made the local agricultural sector face the dilemma of the growing shortage of young people.

A lot of farmer are lack of marketing techniques, their product did not receive a reasonable return after launched. However, they did not give up but instead focused on developing better products. I saw thier persistence, and I suggested to them , how about let all farmer to work together and together to promote local flowers and herbal tea. Therefore, we started Harateas.

We hope that the local herbal & flower tea will be promoted to more people through different marketing channel and we also joining weekend bazaar too. Hara is taken from Japanese, meaning "original". We hope that everything will return to purity and fundamental. All raw materials are purchased directly from farmers, insisting on not adding any flavors and preservatives. We want to provide people with a health drink that is based on the concept of nature, health, and relaxation. I hope more people can live a good life.


-- Harateas