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Pangkor Island Festival 2019 邦咯海岛节

We aspire to integrate community culture, history and folklore with local tourism, highlight the best of Pangkor’s unique local delicacies as well as its touristic and scenic attractions. By inviting artists into the island, It not only encourages interaction amongst Pangkorians, but also fosters new interaction between locals and artists, thus adding a new dimension to the livelihood of Pangkor communities.



海島節把社區文化、 歷史、神話傳說等概念導入,並融合旅遊概念,把島上最道地的美食、景點納入導覽,成為島民與遊客都熱烈參與的藝術節!除了引入島外的藝術家,同時也促進與島民的互動,讓整個邦咯島的社區活絡起來。

Venue: Pangkor Island Festival 2019
Date:  13-15 September e
See you there!


地点 :邦咯海岛
时间 : 9月13日至15日