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Kurma Tea Raya Premier Gift 2021

Kurma Tea Raya Premier Gift 2021

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Healthy for the body and mind and an iftar and sehri favourite during Ramzan, dates are considered to be a healthy indulgence.  They also come with the added bonus of multiple health benefits. One of the most important aspects of fasting is getting the right amount of energy, and considering an average serving of dates contains 31 grams (just over 1 oz) of carbohydrates, this is one of the perfect foods to give you a boost.

Dates are also a great way of getting some much-needed fibre, which will aid and improve digestion throughout Ramadan. Add to that their high levels of potassium, magnesium and B vitamins, and it quickly becomes apparent that dates are one of the healthiest fruits out there.

Harateas's  Kurma Tea is added lemongrass and panda leaf to improve the digestion and provide a long lasting energy.

This is the best gift for Raya 2021.

1 . 5 pack teh kurma
2 . dried pineapple
3. coconut butter cookies